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Mama's Taxi

Dahlonega, GA, USA

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We offer 24/7 rides anywhere in the Lumpkin county and Dahlonega areas.

Mama’s Taxi is owned and operated by Todd and Rebecca Kaitis and Martha Atkins. Mama’s Taxi began as a fun experiment for the Kaitis’s in starting their own business. Over the years while they found that they had more time on their hands they decided that they would expand the business by purchasing more vehicles and hiring more help. They had also lived in the area for more than 10 years and felt that they had a good uderstanding of what was needed from a local taxi business. At this point the business is compiled of 4 vans and 2 buses and is growing every month. It was a dream to have their own successful business and now they feel like they should share their journey with the world, so don’t forget to check the blog for current updates on Mama’s Taxi.

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Dahlonega, GA, USA

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