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Adopt A Shore

Castleberry Bridge Road, Dawsonville, GA, USA

Destination Information

Adoptashoreline welcomes you to historic Castleberry Bridge , which is located in what use to be called Auraria which is now Dawsonville/Dahlonega. Historic Castleberry Bridge is where the Gold Rush happened in the 1800'S and surprisingly it is the birth place of Denver Colorado. Gold panning, Kayaking, tubing, fishing, swimming, is aloud at your own risk. AAS is working hard to preserve this beautiful wonder.

This year, 2023, AAS will be building more benches and picnic tables for your use. This area below the gate on the south side is called the community area and is shared by everyone that visits. As you can see we are litter free thankful to every one that visits and automatically becomes part of our community by lending a helping hand. This happens through respect not by fines or threats. AAS invites everyone and only asks that you help keep Castleberry Bridge clean of litter.

No mater where you stand on the property there is a trash barrel or bag in site for your convenience. If you happen to see something or see someone drop something on the ground , "Please" without saying anything negative, just pick it up and deposit it in one of the trash barrels or bags available. ( Thank You!) If you like what you see please help preserve Castleberry Bridge by making a donation on the donation page. 100% of your donation will be used for improvements at Castleberry Bridge.

I hope you have a great time while visiting the property and I can't thank you enough for keeping it clean. I hope to have the chance to meet and talk to all of you. Sincerely George Ferris, founder of AAS. P.S. As of March 2023 , with your help, AAS has prevented over 7 tons of trash from entering the Etowah River.

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Castleberry Bridge Road, Dawsonville, GA, USA

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